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Keith Bruch | Winnipeg, MB

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In our clients' own words

The success of our clients is what speaks volumes for us

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

I knew something had to change in my sales approach. Then I discovered John Glennon and Sandler Training. I'm early into my training and already seeing huge benefits by qualifying prospective clients earlier. I am also far more comfortable talking about budgets and decision making processes with prospects and clients. Plus what I'm learning about customer referrals alone is worth its weight in gold. How I do business and who I do business with has me brimming with new possibilities. Thank you John!

Barbara A., Kamloops, BC Client of John Glennon, Kelowna

I would happily recommend Clint and Sandler Manitoba. Our team at MoveMobility completed the Fundamentals Training program, and we have not only had excellent results, but also instant results. The content is delivered in an interactive and easy to follow format, and Clint has always made himself available to the entire team outside of our training sessions to additional coaching, and to answer questions. I would encourage any Sales Manager or Business owner to invest in this amazing program, the results will speak for themselves!

Carrie McDonald Client of Clint Unrau, Winnipeg

Great to have you speaking to our team last week at our annual conference. The feed back I received from our team was all very positive and everyone had some take away's so I view that as a big success.

Daryl. F., Kelowna, BC Client of John Glennon, Kelowna

I'm an engineer by education so I had to learn how to be a sales manager. One piece we were missing was understanding how sales worked. Sandler is a great solution for us. Our business has grown rapidly over the last 5 years. We've gone from zero customers 5 years ago to more than 7,500 customers.

David Wilson, CEO, Wilsons Security Client of Eric Fry, Halifax

Thanks to Sandler Training, we are now in the business of qualifying partners to invest in our movement rather than convincing donors to simply give to our charity. Our organization is on a new path and it is thanks to our local Sandler Training office who have provided us with the leadership and counsel to create a new team of volunteers and staff to raise more money, build deeper relationships and create more impact.

Denise Green, Senior Director, Resource Development, United Way Halifax Region Client of Eric Fry, Halidax

Thanks, John, for coming out to speak to our Business Networking Group. Your presentation was well received. You definitely made an impression, and members enjoyed having you. We have been quickly sharing our results of the Communication Preferences Self Evaluation and this will help us all.

Doug C., Kelowna, BC Client of John Glennon, Kelowna

Clint and Sandler Training are a great match. His vast experience and the solid foundation offered by Sandler are the perfect combination to elevate any good salesperson to an amazing one! As a current (and future) student, I'm 100% confident in recommending him as an amazing trainer, facilitator, and sales coach.

Hernan Popper Client of Clint Unrau, Winnipeg

Just finished a half day seminar on Leader vs. Manager with John this week. Wow...walked away with three gems...thank you John. Your class was entertaining yet professional. We all walked away learning more about ourselves and how to grow as leaders and managers. Take the course! You won't be sorry.

Ingrid D., Vernon, BC Client of John Glennon, Kelowna

It seems the culture around selling, at least within my field of chartered accountancy, is to do good work and hope your clients say good thing about you to others. While this is true, I wanted an edge on my competition. The training I received at Sandler gave me the skills to get that edge. Now, instead of waiting for work to come in, I'm going out and getting it.

John Swain, President, Swain and Associates Chartered Accountants Client of Eric Fry, Halifax

I really appreciate the better approach to sales that the Sandler Selling System has given us. It's fantastic that we, as a not-for-profit were able to participate in a year-long scholarship program and receive valuable training through a structured approach, role playing, and weekly reinforcement. The program has enabled Kinetica Ventures to build out our sales capability and drive our business forward. I encourage everyone who wants a better sales approach to take a look at Sandler.

Kevin Frankowski, Executive Director, Kinetica Ventures Client of Hamish Knox, Calgary

I first started with Hamish Knox and Sandler Training in August 2013 and haven't looked back once in four years. In fact, a non-Sandler colleague of mine asked me the other day if I still found value in working with Sandler and, without a split second of thought, I said, "even more today than when I first started." The reason is simple: with Hamish you have a wealth of support, are held accountable for your choices and actions, and have someone who is invested in your success.

Lindsay Harle-Kadatz, The Write Harle Client of Hamish Knox, Calgary

I was most surprised by the focus on selling value rather than specific features and benefits. This translates very well to us as a social enterprise as we try to provide overall benefits to communities. Rob was energetic and great at engaging the class, keeping everyone involved and helping to bring people out of their comfort zones. I learned a lot that I can translate to my work and personal life.

Mark Croke, SmartICE Client of Rob Marche, Corner Brook

As someone relatively new to Sales, I am grateful to have begun my formal training with the Sandler system; the philosophy resonates with me and I'm finding the techniques to be quite practical and useful. I would highly recommend this program to any sales professional, or to managers looking to provide their sales team with a solid grounding in some important sales concepts.

Mark Younes Client of Clint Unrau, Winnipeg

John, I Just wanted to say thank you again for the great team building session today. I have had several very positive comments regarding the whole thing. People found it fun, and helpful. I think it helped our team recognize some of our communication problems and you provided valuable and practical ways we can improve things. Thanks John and we look forward to having you back again.

Nicole B., Trail, BC Client of John Glennon, Kelowna

We were looking for the new ways to increase our sales volumes and strategies. From the first meeting Hamish was very different from any other trainers I have met before. Hamish helped us to move to the next level in our sales and discover new opportunities we never thought before. Working with Hamish is great experience that you will never forget. If your company looking for the improvements in sales and leadership I strongly recommend to call Hamish and have a conversation.

Olga Ossipova - Owner and Business Manager at Black Gold Apps Inc. Client of Hamish Knox, Calgary

We stand proudly behind the Sandler philosophies and have woven them into every aspect of our company. We now have a systematic hiring process to make sure we have the "right people in the right positions".We also have reduced our overhead dramatically by eliminating free consulting, qualifying prospects, eliminating inappropriate marketing and increasing team output. Most importantly, we now have very happy customers. Thanks John.

Shae Inglis & Matt Gomez, Acro Media Clients of John Glennon, Kelowna

We were a bit hesitant with the financial and time commitment required, but saw the great benefits not only in our business but also for our personal lives. Since moving forward with Hamish, my income has tripled, my communication skills (both in business and my personal life) have immensely improved, and my self confidence has grown.

Stephanie Jager, Owner - Jager & Ko. Photography Client of Hamish Knox, Calgary