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Keith Bruch | Winnipeg, MB

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In March 2010 Chad Banman went from Sandler client to Sandler franchisee, a leap that many Sandler Trainers around the world have made. What makes a student of Sandler want to invest in a franchise? We had a conversation with Chad to ask him about his journey and what brought him into Sandler.

In our tight-knit Canadian Sandler family, we all know Chad Banman as someone you can depend on. Fiercely devoted to the Sandler methodology, that devotion extends to his colleagues and fellow franchisees not just in Canada, but globally. His trademark stoic demeanor with a hint of humor has been inspiring us all over the last 11 years, and he’s grown his Edmonton operation to one of the most successful franchises in the country. Chad and his team have been on an upward trajectory, recently expanding into the Vancouver market and completely renovating their Edmonton training centre.

Before becoming a Sandler owner, Chad was managing a team of 10 salespeople. When he was hired the company had already invested in Sandler Training. Chad recalls, “I remember sitting in the back of the room thinking, I wish I would have known this stuff when I was selling. I would have saved myself so much time and energy. I also would have made way more money.”

Over the 5 years that Chad’s sales team participated in Sandler Training, his company doubled its revenue and increased its margins by 25%. Chad tells me, “We went from being a branch they were thinking of closing to the branch of the year. I got promoted to Regional Manager as a result.”

So what sparked the decision to go from Sandler student to owning a franchise? Chad explains, “My original desire was to become a minority partner in the company I was working for but that opportunity went away. As a former teacher, salesperson, and sales manager I felt Sandler was a perfect fit for my life experience.”

Now 11 years later, Chad has worked with hundreds of companies to help them increase revenue and improve margins, just as Sandler did for his company as a client. We asked Chad what his experience has been like on the other side of Sandler. He says, “Like anything in life, you have to work hard for success and if you are willing to do that, Sandler can be a great opportunity. It has allowed me to help some amazing companies grow and meet their targets in my region and challenges me every day to be a better trainer, salesperson, leader, and business owner.”

Chad’s clients and colleagues alike would tell you they’re grateful for his decision to invest in a Sandler franchise. What would Chad say to a Sandler client who is thinking about investing in a franchise? “You think you are buying a training business but you are really buying a business that helps other businesses grow. Be prepared to talk to as many strangers as possible in the early years and do not be afraid to ask for help from those around you.”


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