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Keith Bruch | Winnipeg, MB

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Capitalize on your sales and sales management experience with a Sandler franchise! 
Contact Keith Bruch for more information: or 431-998-3702

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Explore this Entrepreneurship Opportunity

Help others while controlling your own destiny. Choose to join Sandler Training and you will be at the forefront of a business niche that is growing exponentially, with the support of a pioneer and a leader in the training industry. Click below to check out information on what an ideal candidate looks like, financials, and our business model.

Join the #1 training franchise in the world

When we look back on our training experience with thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of salespeople, it’s clear why a Sandler training franchise is such a compelling opportunity for professionals like you. Our current Franchise Owners talk about the tremendous potential for growth that a Sandler franchise affords them, finally achieving the work/life balance they didn’t have while climbing the corporate ladder, and about the financial freedom they now enjoy.

Ideal Candidates

Ask yourself if these characteristics fit you. If they do, let's have a more meaningful conversation.

  • I have a passion for sales.
  • I want to control my income.
  • I want to control my future.
  • I want to spend more time with my family.
  • The corporate rat race is no longer satisfying for me.
  • I love to train and help people make a difference in their lives.

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Our franchisees include an elite group of business leaders who together form the Canadian arm of this 
multi-award-winning global network of over 300 franchisees. Consult and deliver bespoke business
development programs with the Sandler Sales System, PROVEN to generate a recurring 6-figure income.

  • Built on a recurring income stream
  • Employ a team and scale your business
  • Enjoy the reward of helping businesses succeed
  • A business model that has produced millionaires
  • Be part of an elite goal-focused group of high-achievers
  • High margins, typically 85% gross and 60%+ net profits

Stages of Success

Stage 1

Consult yourself, $250K+ sales, 60%+ net profit

Stage 2

Employ associates, $500K+ sales, scale your business

Stage 3

Dominate, $1 million+ sales, enjoy life!

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Why did you choose a Sandler Training franchise?

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Business Model

Business Model

Our broad product range offers a unique business model that, based on reinforcement, gives our Franchise Owners the opportunity to make recurring income. Sales Mastery is the backbone of the Sandler business model, allowing Franchise Owners to start their business by offering public training to frontline salespeople, business owners and managers in a public forum. Sales Mastery can jumpstart and then sustain your business by providing loyal clients and business referrals.

From there, Franchise Owners can build their businesses, offering private sales and management training at the client’s location. As our Franchise Owners work with businesses over time, they can expand their training services throughout the organization and may take on a business consulting role. Sandler has international reach, but with a local touch. Our Global Accounts Division can help Franchise Owners service and support profitable multinational corporations with numerous locations.

Develop a dependable revenue
from a range of services

Your key revenue sources will include:

  • Sales Mastery

    The “growth engine” for your business, provides sales professionals in small to mid-size sales organizations with training that lasts between 12 and 24 months.

  • Management Training

    Helping sales managers and general managers develop the skills they need to shape productive behaviour, cooperation, collaboration, and accountability.

  • Leadership Training

    Arming emerging leaders with new ways to meet the challenges of advanced responsibilities, and build more unified and productive teams.

  • Customer Service Training

    For a client’s team members who serve customer needs, deal with difficulties, and solve problems as part of their jobs.

  • Private Training On-Site

    Offered on a monthly retainer basis to provide you with predictable income and make the training investment more manageable for your client.

  • Coaching

    Helping sales representatives, sales managers, and selling teams succeed by using Sandler’s highly systematic approach to winning accounts.

  • Global Accounts

    Provides training in servicing large, multinational corporations with multiple locations.

  • Assessments & Benchmarking

    With the clarity of understanding gained through the Sandler’s assessment process, clients will be able to design a clear action plan to fill the gaps and meet or exceed their goals.

Contact Keith Bruch or download your brochure below or 431-998-3702

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