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Keith Bruch | Winnipeg, MB

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Professional Development

Sales coaching is the process of developing and mentoring a salesperson through one-on-one relationships with a manager or peer.

Mike Montague interviews Paul van den Hoven on How to Succeed at Being Assertive.


In Sandler, we have identified three elements that are required for success in selling we call it B.A.T.


Mike Montague interviews Sophia Stone on How to Succeed at Experiential Learning.

Mike Montague interviews Emily Yepes on How to Succeed Through Supply Chain Challenges.


In March 2010 Chad Banman went from Sandler client to Sandler franchisee, a leap that many Sandler Trainers around the world have made. What makes a student of Sandler want to invest in a franchise?

Brand awareness, simply put, is how familiar consumers are with your products, services, logo, and messaging. How is your consulting company’s brand awareness, and what does it matter? If consumers do recognize your brand, what is their perception of it?

Mike Montague interviews Michael Gordon on How to Succeed at Improving Your Money Concept.


“I was always creating in some form or fashion, whether it was art, performing, singing, music… creating. But running a business? Being an entrepreneur? No.”

Mike Montague interviews Susan Sykes on How to Succeed at Taking a Day Off.