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Keith Bruch | Winnipeg, MB

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Dynamic presentations, interactive workshops and talks

Entertaining, educational and thought-provoking talks

Available for trade shows, Chambers of Commerce events, professional organizations, non-profit meetings, networking groups and sales meetings across Canada

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Available Speakers

Our team of dynamic presenters each delivers a fresh take on sales, management, customer service, and leadership topics across Canada. Contact your local trainer for more information.

Featured Topics

Our presentations feature a unique teaching style that’s both fun and interactive. They're not a sales pitch for Sandler - our goal is for your group to feel engaged and informed, leaving with tangible tactics and strategies they can implement right away. This approach has earned many invitations to speak on topics of business development, sales management, sales, and leadership, both locally and nationally. Our team is available to speak on the following seminar topics featured below or a custom topic.

  • Leadership for Organizational Excellence

    Learn how to overcome common leadership "blind spots" that can undermine and destroy companies.

  • Building and Enacting a Sales Prospecting Plan

    Prospecting is not selling. Prospecting is a way of identifying suspects for our products and services and determining if they are qualified.

  • Break the Rules and Close More Sales

    Annoyed at chasing prospects that don’t buy? Take a different approach, break the rules and change the buyer/seller relationship.

  • Conversational Selling

    Selling is not telling. Are you asking the right questions in the right way to form a high-value consultative sale?

  • Procrastination and the Fear of Success

    Why do we put off and delay our activities and actions? A look at the causes and implications of inaction.

  • The Anatomy of a Failure

    Failure is a natural part of the human condition and a natural part of the growth and success process.

  • Formula for Success

    Success is a process; duplicable, replicable and capable of producing consistent results when done with consistent behaviors.

  • The Buyer/Seller Dance

    A breakdown of the two opposing systems at play in the sales process. Whose system do you defer to?

  • Manage Behaviour Not Results

    When you manage results you are managing a trailing indicator of success. When you manage the behavior, actions, and activities that result in sales, you are now working on the right end of the process.

  • Understanding Your People

    Your employees are your greatest assets. Human relations study the ways we interact with each and conduct our daily transactions. How well do you understand your people and their true motivation? Clue – it isn’t money!

  • Who You “R” Isn’t Who You “I”

    The need for approval or acceptance often supersedes getting the business or accomplishing the goals. Our Identity and the Roles we perform, while linked, are mutually exclusive.

  • Why We Recruit the Wrong People and What to do About It

    What have bad hires cost you in time, money and resources? Hire from the gut and it will bite you in the butt. Hire from the heart and it will tear your team apart. Gauge how they behave and see how much you’ll save.

  • Social Selling: Is it the Latest and Greatest for Finding New Business?

    Have you ever received a link or friend request from someone you’ve never heard of, wanting to connect? Find out why businesses need to approach social media messaging and email requests for connections from the perspective of finding common ground.

  • A Guide to Business Development for Non-Selling Professionals

    Most professionals didn’t get into their line of business to sell... but they find it is one aspect of their role and it makes them uncomfortable. This will look at the tactics and strategies we can use to be effective at business development.

  • Effective Decision Making and Overcoming Risk

    The biggest enemy in the world of business is the failure to make decisions. An inside look at a decision-making process.

  • Customer Service: A Hidden Source of Income

    Generate more top-line revenue through your customer service teams. Learn an employee-friendly process for identifying and developing new sales opportunities when they arise.

  • Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone

    Maintaining the status quo simply means deterioration and standing still. If we are not growing and moving forward, then we are deteriorating and not living life!

  • Is it Time to Empty the Head Trash?

    Over the years, especially in our formative years, the messaging we hear from the adults that protected us as children no longer serve to protect, but in fact hinder our progress.

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